Sofia Obien

COVID Safety Plan T&C's

Due to COVID-19 , it means that I have to reinforce the safety plan. All clients must wait in their car or on the seating provided outside, to avoid overcrowding and continue safe distancing.

If you are experiencing symptoms, please cancel your appointment. Stop the spread; your appointment can always be rescheduled.
Please come with a cleansed, makeup-free face, and with your usual skincare. If you are getting your brows done before your appointment, it is best to do this two days before your makeup appointment, to ensure that the skin around it is healed. If you come with any contraindications, meaning skin diseases or contagious infections on the day of your application, I will have the right to refuse an application on you as these contraindications will compromise my kit.

Please ensure that you are coming to your appointment on time as any lateness exceeding 15 minutes will be an automatic cancellation. All client no shows and automatic cancellations due to lateness will need to pay all outstanding payments and won’t be taken as a return client until done so.


Thank you for reading through all of this information, hopefully, this also answered some questions that you may have had before your appointment. If you happen to have any other questions, you can reach me through my phone number 0428099462


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